April 2017 Group Newsletter

I have just returned from our latest group activity the Pinewood Derby Race Day which is open to the whole family. All the “racing drivers” have been busy over the last few weeks making and decorating their racing cars from the special kits ready for Race Day when are raced down a special track. The final aim is to find the fastest car of the day! Certificates, trophies and medals are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners in each class. Lots of homemade cakes and biscuits, tea, coffee and soft drinks fuelled the car drivers, the cars just needed gravity and the best aerodynamic shape. A FUN afternoon enjoyed by all from Beaver’s younger brothers and sisters to fathers of the Explorer Scouts!


Beaver Colony

New Recruits Since Christmas the Beavers have “moved on” 5 of their eldest members to the Cub Pack and our 7 new recruits from the waiting list have been busy during February and March finding out all about Beaver Scouting ready for making the promise at their Investiture which is taking place at winterbourne Park the day after the deadline for this magazine report..

Air Activities At the same time as welcoming the new recruits the beavers have started working towards the Air Activities Badge, so far they have made and flown paper aeroplanes to see whose could fly the furthest, found out a bit about flying in an aircraft and designed their own aircraft, which had to have special features that didn’t include weapons of destruction of any kind! A challenge for many of them. All that is left to do for the badge is to find out a bit about a real aeroplane of their own choice so a bit of homework is required, soon there will be lots of beaver Mum’s (and maybe Dad’s?!) sewing on Air Activity Stage 1 badges. We like to keep everyone busy.

Akela on Behalf of Redwood/Pete


Cub Scouts

Chess – With the 5 A Side Football behind us the Chess players in the pack started to practice for the third District Competition, the Chess Tournament. By the time you read this the competition, which is organised by Round Table in collaboration with the Salisbury Chess Club, will have been held.

Pack Meetings – If you have been following our report in this magazine I am sure you will agree that the list of activities we have covered this term so far are impressive. After half term the Cubs had a board games evening when the Chess players started their training. The rest of the pack brought board games from home. This is always very popular evening despite the current trend with the young people of today of playing games on a wide variety of technology. It’s very refreshing to see them having fun sitting around board games in groups, laughing and chatting together, not missing technology at all. In fact the same can be said for Camp where technology is banned, recently the leaders have been planning our summer camp which will take place at the end of June. Whilst the Chess players have been continuing their training the rest of the pack have been working for the Home Safety badge. They have been finding out how to turn off the main services into their house should there be a problem, what to do in the case of fire and devise an escape route from their house, make a list of useful emergency numbers and identify some hazards around the home.  As I write I have just been able to award 8 Home Safety badges to the cubs who have completed their homework

Swimming –An evening at Durrington Swimming Pool as well as being loads of fun was preparation for the fourth and last District Activity, The Swimming Gala which takes place at the end of March.

Akela/ Shirley


Figsbury Troop

Figsbury troop meet on a Tuesday night in term-time in the Glebe Hall, Winterbourne Earls from 7.30pm – 9pm. If you are a young person between 10 ½ yrs and 14 yrs, enjoy a wide range of activities and the outdoors we have spaces in our fun Troop available immediately.

Skills Challenge – This term the troop have been concentrating on the Skills Challenge badge. This has included a healthy lifestyle. We started off with improving the scout’s fitness. At the beginning of each weeks troop meeting for 6 weeks the scouts did circuit training for 10 mins. The aim was to improve on their scores and I am pleased to say that they all achieved the aim at the end of the 6 weeks. At the same time the scouts looked at healthy eating and sleep, all parts of a healthy lifestyle.

Lego – As part of another badge, this time the Creative activity badge, the scouts made time lapse videos out of Lego – very interesting they were too.

District Competitions – Being an active troop the scouts have also taken part in a number of District competitions, last Autumn The Grose Trophy an incident hike, the scouts hike between bases and at each base are challenged to do something from erecting a tent blindfold, to tying knots, map skills and lighting fires. Then there was The Cube, where instead of a hike the bases are based on the theme of the TV show by the same name.

Scalectric’s – Very recently they had a day of making model Scaletric cars and then racing them round a conventional track. Great fun.

Go Karts – Even more recently at troop meetings the scouts have been constructing Go Karts which they will be racing at Old Sarum the weekend after I am writing this report.

If you think all this sounds like a lot of FUN and you would like to JOIN  US please telephone me:-

Shirley Tizard/ Scout Leader

Tel No 07749895537


Idmiston Troop

The Troop’s focus for the past few weeks has been very much on completing elements of our training programme and progressing our senior scouts on their way to achieving the Chief Scout’s Gold Award. In February we were very pleased to be able to award this to two of our number, just in time for them to move onto the Explorer Scout unit. The target is to achieve another six before the end of the summer.

We have had time to fit in a bit of fun as well and Shrove Tuesday, as always, was a great excuse to spend an evening throwing pancakes around the Memorial Hall. The usual selection of revolting toppings also made an appearance (there can be only one real topping – sugar and lemon), although no reports of upset stomachs.

In early February, nine of our Scouts were lucky enough to be selected as part of the Salisbury District shooting squad and represented the District at the Wiltshire Scout shooting competition. Three of them, Zac, Ben and Jake, were in the team that took the honours shooting from the sitting position and went on to come second overall. We have high hopes for next year.

Ian Jack, Scout Leader

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